Sunday, June 26, 2011

Eddie’s Rainy Day Adventure

Based on actual events! I was actually caught in a flash flood...

The water was too deep for the stolen car. He tightened the bath towel that was passing as medical help, grabbed his gun, slid into the knee-deep water, dragged himself to his feet, and left the Accord to its fate.

The rain pounded in his face and he regretted leaving his hat with Lula’s cooling body. It was a nice hat. A nice body, too. Too bad Lula had been in it. That body could have done a lot of good in the right hands.

The lights of a hotel cut the untimely darkness. He squinted at the logo and compared it to the keycard he’d taken from Lula.

“Got something right.”, he croaked.

Now he could kill Marty.

He staggered to the back of the hotel and found a door with a key reader on the lock. Lula’s card slid in and a green light flashed. The door opened into a stairwell. He looked at the keycard again. 206. He started up the stairs.

An eternity later he made the first landing. He fell to his knees and couldn’t go any farther. The cold began to close in. Marty would skate.

The door at the bottom of the stairwell opened and Marty walked in. Her cellphone was glued to her ear. She was talking to dead Lula’s phone. The door closed behind her.

He raised the gun. The movement caught Marty’s attention. The phone clattered on the floor.

“No, Eddie!”

Her face disappeared. Done deal. He was the only who knew where Miller’s 750K was and now he was dead. He managed a smile.

The darkness washed over him like rain.

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